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Random Progressions: Practicing Jazz with Chance

Random Progressions: Practicing Jazz with Chance

Quality beats quantity. This also applies to practicing. Much more important than the number of hours we spend with our instrument is how we use that time. Endless, monotonous repetition of difficult passages is not always helpful. Creativity is the key. Or chance: Random Progressions allow us to easily create a variety of personalised exercises that are perfectly suited to our abilities.

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Women in music: initiatives that make a difference

Women in music: initiatives that make a difference

Despite progress in achieving gender equality in various fields, there is still a significant lack of female representation in the world of classical music. To address this issue, many countries have established initiatives to support female musicians in their careers, including associations and music festivals.

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The Sounds of Spring

The Sounds of Spring

As nature awakens from hibernation, floral scents fill the air. Fresh leaves give the world a green hue, and gardens and meadows start exploding with colour... Can all of this be captured in music? Stretta editro David Rauh went looking for anwsers, guided by his own personal Spring Music-Highlights.

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